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LandAirSea Tracking Key Passive GPS Logger [LAS-1505]

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LandAirSea Tracking Key Passive GPS Logger [LAS-1505]

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  • Records route, start/stop time, speed and direction every second. No activation or monthly fees!
  • Logs the location and time of any vehicle’s movements, stops, and speed
  • Stores up to 100 hours of driving data in its built-in flash memory
  • Records data every second
  • Displays tracking data on high quality maps, satellite images or as text reports
  • Maximizes efficiency, productivity and profitability for business customers
  • Water resistant GPS case for covert tracking 
  • Keeps your honest employees honest
  • Very affordable Passive GPS Tracking solution for Fleet Tracking, Employee Tracking, and Asset Tracking
  • No activation or monthly fees!


The LandAirSea Tracking Key Passive GPS Logger is as an affordable GPS tracking device that can record the movements of any vehicle or asset, store that data in its internal flash memory, and then present it cleanly on a map or in text form.

An Excellent First Step into the World of GPS Tracking

For a modest purchase price and no activation or monthly fees, The LandAirSea Tracking Key enables you to record up to 100 hours worth of driving information, including the route traveled, the time, duration, and location of all stops, as well as the speeds at which the vehicle was driven. Incredibly, this information is logged every second while the vehicle is in motion.

Maximize Employee Productivity, Cut Out Unauthorized “Pit Stops”

With the LandAirSea Tracking Key you can determine where your employees traveled with your company’s vehicles, how long they spent at each stop, and whether they deviated from planned routes. Perhaps the greatest benefit of this reasonably priced Employee Tracking system is that it will deter your employees from making unauthorized stops, taking extended “coffee breaks,” or speeding and driving recklessly with your expensive trucks or vans. It’s a great way to keep honest employees honest.

GPS Passive Tracking Device Works Virtually Anywhere

A wonderful feature of the LandAirSea Tracking Key is its simplicity and worldwide functionality. Because the positioning technology is limited to GPS, the passive GPS logger doesn’t need to contend with cell phone dead zones or other telecommunications obstacles.  The Tracking Key will determine and record the positioning of a tracked vehicle anywhere in the world with an exceptional accuracy of 2.5 meters!

Deter Your Teenage Kids from “Experimenting” with your Expensive Vehicle(s)

By employing GPS passive tracking technology like the LandAirSea Tracking Key, you can monitor whether your teenager has been driving too fast or had alternate plans when you were told they were just going to the library to study.  By using this Passive GPS Tracking device as a Child Tracker, your teen will know that you can easily check up on their past activities, discouraging risky behavior.

GPS Tracking Battery Life

The LandAirSea Tracking Key Passive GPS Logger’s battery life depends on two factors: the quality of the 2 AAA batteries which power the device and the number of hours the tracked vehicle is driven. With quality Lithium batteries, you should expect to see an average battery life of three weeks, assuming the vehicle is driven roughly two hours per day. With standard alkaline batteries the device should have enough power for two weeks with the same average number of driving hours.

Positioning Technology:16 Channel GPS
Positioning Accuracy:2.5 meters
Dimensions:3.80” x 1.46” x 1.34”
Battery Type:2 AAA
Battery Life:1-4 weeks (depending on battery quality and hours of driving)
Storage Capacity:100 hours of driving information
PC Interface:On-board UBS plug
Operating Temperature:-15°F to 185°F (-26° C to 85° C)
Vehicle Mounting:Magnetic
Box Contents: LandAirSea Tracking Key Passive GPS Logger, Quick Start Guide, and Software Setup Disk. is committed to providing top-of-the-line GPS Tracking Solutions that are tailored to the needs of all of our clients. We specialize in Fleet Management, Asset Tracking, Employee Tracking, Personal Tracking for Children and the Elderly, Outdoor Tracking and GPS Tracking for Law Enforcement and Government. Whether you are a parent who is looking for the added security of a Child Locator or a government official in need of an Active GPS Tracking Device, JustGPSTracking has a solution for you.

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